Don’t go to Egypt!



Unless you have a lot of plutocrat and an overpriced package from a trip conpany does not bother you, avoid Egypt! There are much better options out there!

Going on your own in this country is an absolute agony. It’s not like other places where they just ask you if you want a hack or not. Everybody starts a discussion with you and tries to bulls.hit you in the same way. It’s insolvable to enjoy walking through a request or a megacity center because you will get hassled constantly without any stop. It’s extremely hard to find a eatery to eat in because they are each swindles. Indeed while I was sitting down at an eatery eating, about 10 guys came trying to vend irons, towels and other stuff like that. Indeed after you pay for entrance at a magnet, you will get bothered so important that you will be forced to go the other way. People do not indeed ask occasionally, they just start talking some gibberish and also demand a tip. Indeed after I agree a price with a hack motorist, after he starts the auto, be demands more.
Everybody is asking you the same questions, and you have to answer them all . You can not just sit down nearly to enjoy the view because someone will come at you guaranteed and hassle you.

Not to mention the fact that visiting is precious because there are no numerous people around and everything has to be a private stint.
Do not get me wrong, the touristic lodestones are magnific but unless you want to spend your holiday
constantly trying to keep at bay some middle aged creepy scammers, DON’T GO TO EGYPT.

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